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Floriography – Meanings of Flowers

Termed floriography or the language of flowers, a number of flowers have obtained unique symbolic meanings since medieval times though the use of this kind of vocabulary only became widespread through the Victorian times onwards.

Used as a means of communication to express feelings which could not be spoken floriography is used by almost any person who gives flowers whether they are aware of the language or not – it’s not necessary to be familiar with the historic language to know that red roses symbolize passionate love and therefore are not suitable for your Mother on Mother’s Day.

For those interested in the meanings of flowers this is a list of many of the popular flowers plus their symbolism:


The actual name comes from Baron Klas Van Alstoemer who identified this specific hardy flower in 1753. Alstroemeria blossoms represent a powerful bond of friendship with another.


All these popular flowers represent marvelous natural beauty and also pride. Give these flowers to an attractive woman.


Often known as windflower these flowers are part of the buttercup group of flowers. These paper-like blooms symbolize expectations and anticipation. Wish a person good fortune with a bouquet made up of theses.


These kind of exotic flowers signify hospitality. Gift a bouquet of anthurium flowers to an attentive and hospitable host.


One of several flowers that symbolize affection in addition to daintiness. Present these daisy-like blooms to the one that you consider enchanting and gorgeous.

Bird of Paradise

These signify joy and contentment. Purchase some these tropical blooms to celebrate a joyful event.


Originating from Central America these types of flowers were named by the French Doctor Charles Bouvard. They represent eagerness thus make a excellent choice to reward any enthusiastic man or women for his/her efforts.


They’re one of the oldest cultivated flowers of all. Various colored blooms possess different meanings. Sending pink carnations says “I’ll never forget you”; white-colored usually means chasteness, “sweet and lovely”, pure love & best of luck; purple: capriciousness or whimsical; Red-colored Carnations say: “My Heart Aches For You”; whilst yellow-colored says “You Have Disappointed Me”. Ensure that you do not get those final 2 mixed up!


Yet another very old bloom and just like the carnation, variousĀ  Corby florist colorings have distinct symbolism. White symbolises truths; yellow – ignored love; red states “I adore you too”. Various other colours of chrysanthemum state “You’re a wonderful Friend”.


The daffodil possesses many meanings including: admiration, regard, unrequented love, “you are the only one”, “the sun is always shining when I’m with you”. Daffodils make good flowers for men whom you adore.


The actual title derives from the Ancient greek for dolphin. The blooms signify flight of fancy or ardent connection.


These flowers symbolize trust, chasteness as well as thoughtfulness. They make the perfect choice of flower to congratulate the mother and father of a newborn.


Termed after the Latin for blade this flower symbolizes strength of character, candor and also generosity. Give gladiolus to one which has any of these qualities.


This usually comes in one of two colors and thus provides 2 meanings. White represents safety and “wishes will come true”; lavender – respect and isolation.


Originating from Turkey hyacinths have many numerous meanings according to their colour. White states “I shall pray for you” as well as signifies loveliness; blue symbolises credibility; yellow-colored – envy; Purple hyacinths say “I’m sorry” and also “please forgive me” and Red symbolizes play.


This particular flower first came to the uk in 1788. Hydrangeas are ideal for saying many thanks and sorry simultaneously they also symbolise frigidity and heartlessness.

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